Is That A Challenge?

Lately it’s been feeling like my almost-in-laws are attempting to challenge literally everything about myself. I feel like it’s unprompted and kind of mean spirited sometimes. I haven’t gone down on a girl, so I “can’t claim lesbianism” which, no, obviously, because I am not a lesbian, I am engaged to her son. I have […]

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Lost, I guess.

So, yesterday, I got to be told that my stimming “doesn’t make people feel bad” just because I can control it. So it isn’t a tick. I guess I’m going to try not to self soothe all day today. I’m then going to consider sharing the results. I feel like ass. I’ve already had to […]

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So, the last couple of days have been the worst. My cat got ill and has decided to go to the bathroom all over my stuff multiple times. I was told there wouldn’t actually be children here overnight. There were. And then there have been more here all day today. And their father is working […]

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This morning I woke up tired. Sometimes this happens. It wasn’t awful today, but after my love left for errands, I decided to try a hypnosis video. I’ve tried them before and they haven’t really worked that well for me. However, this time I actually felt connected to the person and really tried to relax. […]

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Don’t Isolate Yourself

Recently, I was able to have an hour or so to myself. So, I took advantage of it how anyone would. I literally sang for most of it, cleaned dishes, and had a small amount of calm down time. The singing was great because I haven’t been able to do so since we got here. […]

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Obligations and Forced Situations

I don’t write much at all anymore. Not here. Not Tumblr. Not anywhere. It does feel good when I write because then I can get my thoughts out without someone else constantly trying to tell me that what I’m feeling is wrong. Or too “dramatic”. After much thought and consideration, think I might be interested […]

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I Can’t Calm Down

Recently, the pick-a-card readings that I have been watching have been pointing to something big and unexpected happening soon. I’m going to be honest, it does make me a bit nervous, but in a good way. So, before writing any more, I’d like to get this out of the way. HEY UNIVERSE!!! I AM SO […]

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Redbubble and Pintrest

I haven’t written here in a while, as taking the time to sit down and write hasn’t been around. I’m living with my persons parents now, which means that we’re always gone downstairs. And also working. I’ve also been extremely depressed. Pretty constantly. Recently, along with my hoop videos, I’ve also been uploading pretty regularly […]

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