Lost, I guess.

So, yesterday, I got to be told that my stimming “doesn’t make people feel bad” just because I can control it. So it isn’t a tick. I guess I’m going to try not to self soothe all day today. I’m then going to consider sharing the results. I feel like ass. I’ve already had to […]

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So, the last couple of days have been the worst. My cat got ill and has decided to go to the bathroom all over my stuff multiple times. I was told there wouldn’t actually be children here overnight. There were. And then there have been more here all day today. And their father is working […]

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This morning I woke up tired. Sometimes this happens. It wasn’t awful today, but after my love left for errands, I decided to try a hypnosis video. I’ve tried them before and they haven’t really worked that well for me. However, this time I actually felt connected to the person and really tried to relax. […]

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Don’t Isolate Yourself

Recently, I was able to have an hour or so to myself. So, I took advantage of it how anyone would. I literally sang for most of it, cleaned dishes, and had a small amount of calm down time. The singing was great because I haven’t been able to do so since we got here. […]

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Obligations and Forced Situations

I don’t write much at all anymore. Not here. Not Tumblr. Not anywhere. It does feel good when I write because then I can get my thoughts out without someone else constantly trying to tell me that what I’m feeling is wrong. Or too “dramatic”. After much thought and consideration, think I might be interested […]

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I Can’t Calm Down

Recently, the pick-a-card readings that I have been watching have been pointing to something big and unexpected happening soon. I’m going to be honest, it does make me a bit nervous, but in a good way. So, before writing any more, I’d like to get this out of the way. HEY UNIVERSE!!! I AM SO […]

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